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No-Cost Cybersecurity: NSA Free Services for DoD Contractors and Subcontractors

Calling all Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors! 🚀 The National Security Agency (NSA) is your ally in fortifying your cybersecurity defenses while reducing risks to critical Department of Defense (DoD) information. 🌐🛡️

Discover how collaborating with NSA Cybersecurity Services can level up your organization's security game:

✅ Unlock NSA Threat Intel: Gain exclusive access to NSA's DIB-specific threat intelligence, staying one step ahead of emerging cyber threats.

✅ Fortify Network Defenses: Elevate your network security and supercharge your overall cybersecurity posture.

✅ Keep It Confidential: Your sensitive data is safeguarded by ironclad Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), ensuring utmost privacy.

✅ Get Mitigation Expertise: Leverage expert guidance to tackle vulnerabilities identified through NSA services.

✅ CMMC Support: NSA services align seamlessly with multiple NIST 800-171 requirements, covering Risk Assessment, System and Communications Protection, and System and Information Integrity families.

📊 Dive into the NSA's Comprehensive Services:

🌐 Protective Domain Name System (PDNS): Lock out malicious and suspicious domains, shielding DOD data from harm's way. The NSA has thwarted 1.3 billion threats, including nation-state spear phishing, malware, botnets, and ransomware.

🚀 Attack Surface Management: Identify vulnerabilities in your internet-facing assets, receiving tailored remediation guidance prioritized by severity and exploit potential, all powered by NSA's unique insights.

🤝 Collaborate on Threat Intelligence: Forge a dynamic partnership with NSA to access confidential, DIB-specific threat intel and actively work on shared resources. Our services have successfully uncovered and neutralized nation-state cyber threats across numerous enrolled customers.

Ready to bolster your cybersecurity defenses? Enroll now in three easy steps:

1️⃣ Click "GET STARTED" at

2️⃣ Confirm your eligibility.

3️⃣ Sign the DIB Framework agreement.

Here's the best part—it's FREE for DIB CONTRACTORS. And inquire about NSA's additional pilots and services! 🆓 Join the ranks of organizations that have seamlessly integrated the NSA Cyber Security suite, enhancing their defense posture in mere minutes. 🔐 Unite with the NSA to fortify your cybersecurity resilience! 🤝


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